Technical support

Prepare (or have it prepared), check, approve, revise (or have it revised) if necessary, continuously monitor and supervise, ensure execution of necessary corrective and preventive actions related to Environmental Management Plans (procedures); ensure execution of pre-construction / construction / post-construction and site activities in accordance with the points specified in Environmental Impact Assessment study.

Contracts Management

Construction-Management -Develop, should be adept at using logic and flexible thinking to identify any inefficiency in working practice and identifying workable solutions. He should exercise excellent judgment in this regards, evaluating the risk factor of various strategies and selecting the most appropriate solution. He should also be good at listening to the concerns of other professionals and adjusting his actions when required for the good of a project. A construction management should also be able to instruct key personnel where required and have strong negotiating skills to resolve any on-site conflicts.

Design and development

Sustainable development involves balancing social, economic and environmental impacts to ensure the best possible development.  The aim is for a good quality of life and environment now and for the future.

Site based activities

Prepare (or have it prepared), check, approve, continuously monitor the implementation and revise (or have it revised), if necessary, the detailed work schedule, material / equipment supply schedule, budget and financial plans.

Carry out necessary investigations and evaluations related to variations and/or claims (time extensions, additional payment, determination of new price, etc.) in the event of occurrence, prepare variation orders, express opinion to employers and clients, and carry out necessary studies in order to finalize the issues

Provide communication and coordination between all project stakeholders (employer / client, contractors / suppliers, public institutions and organizations, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, general public, etc.)

Ensure timely submission of documents to be submitted by suppliers and contractors; review, have them revised if necessary, approve the submitted documents.

Prepare, approve and archive all records (minutes, surveys, attachments, reports, site records, etc.) to document the construction and site activities progress and implementation